Health & Wellbeing

Welcome to the Health & Wellbeing section!


We understand University or job hunting is not all about work and the future. It is also about making sure you look after both your mental and physical health.


It can be hard to discuss certain topics with friends and family, however. At 15ten15 we believe you should never feel alone.


That’s why we’ve highlighted some key topics for you to access easily and in confidence.


We’ll be adding new content regularly, including podcasts and events during which we’ll be talking to a range of individuals who will share their story and advice/tips that can help and support you as you grow.

Love Yourself

Providing support and services to help you with your sexual health.

Support Group

No one should suffer in silenece and we are here to provide you with services and advice. 

Jumping on Box

To take care of your mind you need to take care of your body.

Blogs & Articles

To find your local GP click here

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