Our Senior Leadership Team

Whilst we have no unnecessary hierarchy, tokenistic corporate management or ‘big office’ one-upmanship in the culture at 15ten15, we obviously need direction and guidance to ensure the business is delivering what the business set out to do. 

Our Senior Leadership Team is made up of three individuals who each bring something unique to the party - we are always amazed about how well they get on! They do because they are united in their vision of what 15ten15 is all about and share a passion for why we do things the way we do. Whatever that magic is, it works.


Cliff Sewell - Founder

Cliff is an odd one!! With no formal higher education, he’s a man with a serious passion about achievement. Possessing over 25 years experience in the recruitment sector, he has built and sold a number of businesses throughout that time. 

In 2015 - 10th October to be exact (hence 15ten15!!) - Cliff had a moment where he knew his life was heading in a negative direction. Heavily dependent upon alcohol, his was a life-style that would eventually have ended in disaster. He made a decision to change and over the last 6 years he has altered almost every aspect of his life.


Cliff is now an ultra-fit, sober individual who has an enviable mindset around success and maximizing life. His particular focus is on helping the next generation workforce to be the best it's ever been. 

Such is his desire to help, here is Cliff’s email: cliff.sewell@15ten15.com
If you want to learn from him, message him and set up an appointment for a chat. Simple as that.



Carolyn Hobdey FCIPD MSc: Chief Operating Officer

“As quirky as they come” is always Cliff’s opening line when introducing Carolyn!! Although because she’s lived her whole life with that ‘quirky’, Carolyn doesn’t actually know what he means; it’s her ‘normal’. This hasn’t stopped her being a serious talent in the People & Development space. In fact, Carolyn uses it to help her think creatively and always make an impact.

Having spent over 20 years in HR, she has held board-level positions in some of the world’s largest employers and the most recognisable brands. Carolyn specialises in transformational change and great workplace cultures. As well as her professional qualifications, she holds a Masters degree in Lean Operations, which means she has a unique combination of people- and process-orientation.

Now a published author, Carolyn is also a speaker and media commentator, making appearances on mainstream TV and radio. Having led a varied life, she is especially sought-after for her thought-leadership on imperative women’s issues.

Outside of work, Carolyn is a dancer and singer, but these should not detract from the fact that she is also a car-enthusiast, weight-trainer and boxer; she is not to be taken lightly.


Cameron Sewell: Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder

Yes, you spotted it!! Another Sewell! Cameron is Cliff’s eldest daughter.

Cameron left school at 16 and pursued her passion for design and art by enrolling at the Leeds College of Art.


She moved out of home and proved to herself that she has what it takes to succeed. From there she joined the Arc Inspiration Pub group and worked her way up to management level before deciding to expand her horizons, gain some life experience and indulge her love of art by travelling around Europe. 

Upon joining the business 3 years ago she walked into Cliff’s office and said: “I am going to help you create a business that really supports your desire to make a difference to the next generation”.

Refreshingly open and unapologetic about her ambition to become an influence in the recruitment sector and an inspiration for the next generation of talent, Cameron exemplifies what is possible with hard work, desire and the cheekiness to just ask for what you want.


She is undoubtedly a ‘one to watch’ talent for the future.