Who are we? 

We bring together everything you need to enjoy life as you prepare for the world of work. 


All in one place. One community. Built around you. 


Our teams are 100% dedicated to what they do to ensure their expertise is leveraged for you: 

content team

Scouring all media for the latest about what’s happening in the Next Generation space, they’ll put everything at your fingertips. From business news to what’s trending, from health to tech, from local gigs to international events, the Content Team have it covered alongside our global product partners. 

jobs team 

Exploring every area of the marketplace to bring you the latest jobs, this Team look for roles and companies that truly stand out. Sharing full-time, part-time and flexible roles, as well as permanent and contract opportunities, apprenticeships, internships and sponsored positions for elite students. 

wellbeing team

We don’t want to be a business that exploits, pays lip-service or presents a public image that contradicts its private one! So we take this Team seriously. They ensure everything we, and our partners, do is aligned to our values and that we demonstrate them every day. 

sales team

This is our ‘Share the Story’ Team. Their job is to get our message out to clients, members, businesses and partners about who we are and what we do. They are the shop window of our business and have considerable accountability for the 15ten15 brand. They only do deals with companies that match our principles and values.